Thanks from My subs!

Thank you My dears for all your kind words and for welcoming Me back to NY! I would also like to thank all My admirers for their lovely emails and feedback since I have launched My site.  I’m glad you are enjoying it!


I was tied down unable to move, looking up into the mirror above your bondage table.  I looked up in the mirror and saw your long legs, great ass, impossibly small waist, and long hair stretched out over me with the glint of the Wartenberg wheel and knew that there was an evil grin on your face as you started to torment my body.  Running the wartenberg wheel over my most sensitive parts, pinching and biting my nipples, biting my ear lobes.  Soon you whispered in my ear:”Enough of enjoying anything ” and put a blindfold over my eyes and clover clips on my nipples.  A few pulls on the clamps started me moaning.  The soothing tickle of your hair dragging over my body was soon replaced with the pain of clothes pins on my sensitive areas, and the picks of the wartenberg wheel.  A few more pulls and twists of the clover clamps had me going into deep sub space.  My bliss was not to be.  You soon had me hooked up to your Tens unit and twitching from the shocks to my body.  I couldn’t see what you were doing, but the shocks were interspersed with soothing touches of your hair, flicks of the clothes pins and pulls on the clover clamps.  I was constantly moaning, moaning ah, moaning aaahhh, moaning aaaaahhhhh, Mona, MONA!!! The endorphin rush had me floating for days after the experience.  I WILL be back soon. THANK YOU!!!

-Not Dubya

Thank you again for taking my interests into account and creating a mutually enjoyable session.  I really enjoy serving you. Having a totally gorgeous woman dressed in fetish attire, blow smoke in my face, whip my balls, and laugh while doing it…what more could a guy want?

-Heavy Metal

Dear Mistress Mona,
i want to thank You for some of the most intense sessions i have had with any Mistress. As You well know i have been playing in the scene for many years and have served Mistresses not only in New York but all over the world. You are, physically, one of the most beautiful Mistress’ that i have ever had the privilege to worship. Your strict demeanor and behavior, which i have always desired from my Mistress, is more than i could ever ask for. Your outfits are absolutely fantastic and leave nothing more to be desired. Whether being on my knees in front of You, lying on my back below You, or being tightly bound and being tortured in such creative ways makes me want to be owned by You and be Your slave every day for the rest of my life. Every training session we have had has taken me to new heights of submission and subjugation. You have tested and taken me beyond my limits which has been pure ecstasy. i only wish that i could be at Your feet 24/7. Thank You again for showing me what it’s like to serve a real, beautiful, demanding, and relentless Woman of Your power.
Your slave forever,

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