How would you like to submit to me?

My style of play can range from light to extreme as well as everything in between. Our sessions will be tailored according to your personal limits and physical capabilities.

While creating our scene I prefer to be able to take my time. My suggested duration of play is a minimum of 90 minutes, however multiple hour scenes suit me best.  I relish being able to play in a more lifestyle capacity. I value a sub who takes care getting know their Domina and understands that exquisite scenes take time.

There are many benefits in exploring your interests with a masterful professional. Through our play, I will help guide and train you in order to build on your experience. I am a safe, sane, consensual player with whom you will be able to share your deepest desires with confidence.

Additional conditioning and working towards expanding on current interests and limits is offered. Options are also available if you are interested in experiencing a deeper level of submission or slave training.

With the same fervor for play that you have grown accustomed to and the excitement of re-experiencing play with the addition of my personal style and skill set.

Some of my favorite activities (click on category to view details):

Sensory Play/ Sensory Deprivation

sensoryBeing that our skin is the largest organ of the human body I am all about making you feel. From temperature sensations like ice, wax and fire play to applying different textures that are either sensual or harsh I live to watch your mind and body process your stimulation. Using hoods, gags, gas masks or blindfolds to heighten the sensory experience I am creating for you is great way to kick up the intensity. However I do also like using this type of equipment on it’s for completely different effects or isolation.

 Impact Play/ Hand Spanking

Whether you are a beginner with a low pain threshold or a seasoned spankinghardcore masochist, I have a style of impact play that will be able to meet your desires. Ranging from a sensual hand spanking or a massage-like flogging to the more extreme of brutal canings and welt inducing whippings, my techniques of impact play run the full spectrum. Although I love my strong, firm hands and give amazing hand spankings, when it comes to implements I am partial to canes. I have yet to come across any corporal implement that I have not thoroughly enjoyed.

Nipple Play

140126 Mona  0664My fingers were made to tease and torment nipples with long, natural nails to tickle or tear into them. There are so many different toys and sensations that can be used to stimulate this particular erogenous zone that our possibilities for play in this activity are endless.


It’s no secret that I love when a man submits. What more effective way to cbtdemonstrate this than taking you by your manhood. I can tie it up nice and tight and tease it relentlessly or pull out all the sadistic tricks I know to really make you suffer. Either way I am always satisfied showing a man like you who’s the boss.

 Electro Play

electricalMaybe you are hooked up to one of my boxes for a throbbing, pulsing tease or being stunned mercilessly by my cattle prod, in either case there is plethora of options and simulations that can be explored. Electro play can be a great scene just by itself or an exciting addition when paired with various other activities.

Stocking and Foot Fetish

My soft size 8 feet with long perfect toes and high arches were made to be worshiped. I footworshipam a self-professed foot rub whore who would love nothing more than to have you kiss and rub my feet for hours on end. Being that I am also a stocking fetishist, I simply adore having my long legs caressed while wearing a pair of decadent nylons.

Trampling/ Ball Busting

bbaEven though my feet are a fetishist’s dream they can also be instruments of torment. Just imagine yourself gazing up at me as I tower over you and you feel my weight bearing down on your entire body pinning you to the floor.  Or maybe you love the sounds of my laughter as I giggle while you wince from the swift kick I deliver to most sensitive part of your male anatomy.

 Mummification/Body bags

I like when you are helpless and completely at my mercy. While you are all comfy, mummificationcozy in your cocoon, just know that an intense tease or vicious torture is in your immediate future and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

Bondage/ Suspension bondage

bondageBondage can illicit so many different responses depending on the individual. Some find it very relaxing or meditative while others find it heightens anticipation and feelings of vulnerability. How do you relate to bondage? Using rope, leather or steel to restrain, hang or immobilize you, I find bondage very rewarding because it always poses a bit of challenge to get it just right.  My efforts are tireless and the results are always in my favor.

Other activities I enjoy:
sounds, piercing/medical staples, humiliation, confinement/abandonment, human furniture/ objectification, face slapping, biting/scratching/spitting, puppy play, smoking fetish, slave training/protocol, breath play/smothering, chastity

Hard limits/ Not offered:
Nudity on my behalf, showers of any kind, blood play, intimate body worship, forced bi, cuckolding, adult baby, ANY AND ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!