Playtime With Porky

A few months ago a friend of mine asked if she could shoot some pictures of me playing for a project she was working on for school.  The theme of the project was “Taboo”.  I invited her over to my home and allowed her to photograph me playing with my slave Porky.

Porky and I had our usual fun as she quietly observed and took some photos.  Afterwards we all hung out for awhile and chatted about the play and D/s relationships. She is vanilla and knew very little about kink or BDSM.  She was very surprised to learn how much fun play can be and that with proper communication and negotiation D/s relationships can be a very healthy and rewarding for both people involved.

I really enjoy getting to share moments like this with people who have not had any type of real exposure to the scene before.  The more understanding we can cultivate for our lifestyle the better and maybe even convert a few vanillas along the way.



  A little bit of fire play for his already tender nipples


Kicking back and enjoying a smoke with my heels securely dug into Porky’s behind after I gave him his 20 mins of paddling for his corporal conditioning


One of my favorite pin cusions








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