I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend cause I sure as hell did. One of my plans consisted of attending the Paradise Garage reunion party and I danced my ass off for 6 hrs straight. The vibe was amazing.  They really don’t make parties like that anymore.

If you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I am a total audiophile.  I’m always posting songs that I am listening too or taking about what I played in session.  Music really does rule my life and also inspires me in so many different ways especially when I am playing.  I always choose what music to play either to create a certain mood or to enhance a specific activity.  For example, I really love flamenco for spanking or afro beats for corporal.  My clients often comment on my choice of music and how much they enjoyed my selections.  There have been many times that we have wound up bonding over a band or song which is not surprising since music really does have a way of bringing people together.

Sometimes when I am listening to music and I hear a certain lyric whether directly related to kink or not my mind automatically goes off in that direction.  I actually wrote a little poem on my way home from a session back when I worked at Rapture in 2008 while listening to Alice In Chains’ song “Heaven Beside You“.   Decided to share it with you, hope you enjoy.


I’m heaven beside you

While your hell burns within

Begging for relief

Sweat beads on your skin

You glisten before Me

And bask in My light

I’m goddess incarnate

The solution to your plight

With every snap of the cane

Every crack of the whip

Your sins are slowly purged

As each breathe escapes your lips

My voice is the water

That engulfs your mind

I speak to you softly

Each sentence divine

I grant you release

From the cage you’ve been kept.

The flames have been extinguished

By the tears your soul wept

You pledge Me your devotion

Indebted for your salvation

Born again by My hand

A most masterful creation

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