My Chastity Slave’s Story

As you may know from a previous post, I had a new slave in chastity. This was a long time fantasy of his and we had originally negotiated a 3 day scene. At the end of the 3 days I knew he hadn’t really gotten even close to a full taste of his predicament and decided not to release him.  We truly had amazing chemistry together and he responded to me very well.  I informed him that it was in his own best interests to continue with the scene and after explaining the details behind my thought process, he too agreed.

So 3 days became a full week.  I told him the he would have to do something for me in exchange for his freedom and if it pleased me then I would release him.  I decided  that since I enjoyed his writing so much that he had to write me a story about his experience over the past week.  This assignment was not only for my amusement but also a time for him to reflect and process the scene.  I did allow him some “creative freedom”  while writing but I wanted him to keep as much real detail in a s possible.  Needless to say he did and amazing job and it’s 90% true to life.  It’s quite long so I will be posting it in a couple parts.


Mistress Mona’s Chastity Therapy


Chapter 1

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Of course it is Jay,” Dr. Mona said as she finished securing my legs to the chair.  “You’ve been fantasizing about being locked in chastity by a dominant woman for how long now?”

“Years.  Maybe even a decade.”

“Exactly my point.  Don’t you think it’s about time you explored one of your greatest fantasies?  You might be surprised by what you could learn about yourself.”  My latex clad therapist finished her last knot.  After having only met with her for 2 sessions, I had somehow allowed her to convince me that playing out one of my most intimate sexual fantasies would be the most productive way to better understand myself.  Now I sat, naked from the waist down, bound in a straight jacket and tied tightly to a leather bondage chair, with a chastity device that I had originally purchased solely as a masturbatory play-toy locked securely onto my cock.

In front of my vulnerably spread legs stood my new therapist.  Dressed in leather boots & latex, as though she had stepped right out of one of my sexual fantasies, she playfully dangled the keys to my chastity device, knowing full well that this was the first time they had ever been out of my possession.  Something about her had just made it feel so right to agree…

“Dr. Mona, I’m having second thoug…”

“That’s MISTRESS Mona!” She snapped, cutting me off.  “Rule #1, you will always address me as Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Much better,” she smiled.  “Now here is how this is going to work: you will be kept in that chastity device for an indeterminate amount of time.  How long of a time will depend on how well you follow my instructions, obey my rules and remain open to learning about yourself.  I will periodically call you in to meet at times that are convenient for me and there will be regular homework assignments between our sessions to give you a chance to fully embrace your chastity experience.”

She waited a beat to allow the reality of the situation to sink in.

“Now how does that sound Jay?”

“Um, great I guess,” I said nervously.

“Great I guess, what?“

“Um, great I guess Mistress,” I added.

“That’s a little better…at this rate, you may be in that device for a very long time.”  The way she smiled as she ended that sentence made me a little uncomfortable, but more than a little excited.  I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this.  Handing over the keys to my cock, my ability to have sex & masturbate, to a woman I barely knew, but who knew how to push every one of my sexual buttons.

“Now that we have the ground rules out of the way,” my seductress announced as she untied me from the chair, “I want you to kneel down and worship my boots while you creatively thank me for locking you in chastity.”

Any reluctance on my part had flown right out the window. Her commanding tone, her leveraging of my boot fetish and the humiliating task of thanking her for taking away my ability to orgasm was too much for me.  I immediately dropped to my knees and began kissing her boots as best I could in the straight jacket.

“Thank you Mistress!  Thank you for helping me to explore my fantasies!  And for showing me what it feels like to actually be locked in chastity.  And for creating assignments to help me fully embrace the experience.  And…”

“Stop Jay,” Mona interrupted.  “Everything I’m hearing you say is about you.  Your fantasies.  Your wants.  This fantasy of yours is my time to have fun.  You get to say locked in chastity and I get to have you do whatever I want.  So try it again, but this time be less selfish.”

She was surprisingly right – although my chastity fantasy put me in the control of another person, as a fantasy it was always self serving – my imaginary key holders always “made” me do things that I really wanted to do anyway. But that’s not how a relationship with a real person works at all; BDSM or not, its about giving more than receiving.

I resumed my boot kissing.

“Thank you for the lesson Mistress.  You are absolutely right.  This is about your pleasure, not mine. I will do whatever you desire for me to do.  I will engage in whatever acts you find entertaining and I will do whatever it takes to please you and any other Mistresses you desire.”

“Much better!” My unconventional therapist stood up from her chair.  “I think that’s some good progress for our first session! I will text you tonight with instructions for your first assignment.  Stay close to your phone!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now you have one minute from when I release you from this straight jacket to put on your clothes and be out this door or I’m adding a day to your chastity sentence.”

I was gone 59 seconds later.


Chapter 2


My first “assignment” arrived at 10:12 that night, just as I was leaving the bar with some friends.

“Send me a picture of your cock in chastity within the next half hour.”  Her control over me was evident as I rushed home and found myself, 20 minutes later, standing with my pants around my ankles trying to get enough light on my chastity encased cock to get a good shot of it with my iphone.

“I can’t believe I’m really doing this,” I thought to myself.  Yes, it is my sexual fantasy, but here I am, in real life, rushing home from hanging out with my friends to send an incriminating photograph to a woman who only entered my life a week ago.  And yet, the fact that she was as excited as I was when I had first mentioned my chastity fantasy made me somehow feel more comfortable sending this photo to her than even mentioning the idea of my fetish to any of my friends.

Later that night I was assigned to write a summary of the lessons I learned from our first chastity session together. Mona was pleased that I remembered both the details of her behavioral protocol as well as that I had internalized the idea that my own fantasies were selfish wants and that my primary focus should be on pleasing her.

The next few days contained a wide variety of humiliating assignments & in person sessions, all managing to both play into my fetishes while entertaining my cock’s new owner.  I found myself bending over to learn what prostate stimulation feels like and questioning my sanity as I left my friends at the bar again to go enter a strip club alone at 1am and solicit a lap dance while in chastity.  I was forced to watch & report on an hour’s worth of porn before one session, only to leave with a butt plug still inserted into my ass.

Perhaps the most difficult assignment was to flip through one of my Victoria’s Secret catalogues (Mistress Mona stated it matter-of-factly, as though she knew I had 3 catalogues stashed at the bottom of one of my dresser drawers) and write out what I fantasized as I looked at 3 of the pictures.  I have always prided myself on my creativity and vivid imagination, but allowing my mind to wander while still locked in chastity proved to be nothing short of pure torture.  Mistress Mona was delighted by my end product, but I had barely slept that night as my cock struggled to get hard in its cage.


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