More Black with I AM MANY

Some of you who know me personally or follow me on a regular basis via twitter or my facebook know about my love for hip hop.  My friend I AM MANY, who has been a staple in the NY underground hip hop scene for many years, approached me a couple of months back to do a fetish themed video with him and I jumped at the chance.  Unlike Rihanna’s fluff of a video for the song S&M (which is basically pop crap anyways) he wanted to create something with actual substance.  Even though Many is an emcee he has many different musical interests and had spent time in goth and fetish clubs some years ago and wanted to speak on his experiences.

Working out the details for my part of the shoot and his performance scenes that we shot in The Parthenon was amazing fun.  Having my “vanilla” friends, who have never got to witness a full on scene before, be there while I was playing and actually film it was a dope experience to share.  Also it’s not everyday that I get to run around the dungeon suspending my friends from various equipment or putting hoods on them!

So far the feedback for the video has been really good.  I was sent the first ruff edit of the video and discussed with Many about how it might be perceived since the hip hop crowd can be pretty hard to please.  It was a difficult process of trying to decide what footage was to be used and what may be a little over the top since we didn’t want to turn people off really. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help him out with these decisions as much as I would have like since I am both a hip hop head and have been into fetish for such a long time that my “shock” levels have been pretty tempered so it was hard for me to understand how some people can be so sensitive.  I really applaud him for this project and for taking hip hop somewhere that it has never really been before especially since the hip hop scene has become so watered down an uninspired.

Hope you enjoy!


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