“Mistress, What Sharp Teeth You Have!”

All the better to torture you with my dear!

I really enjoy being able to cause pain (or pleasure depending on how you look at it) with my god-given gifts, such as my heavy hands or especially my sharp teeth . Biting really excites me because there’s a very primal feel to it.  I’m like an animal subduing it’s prey before it gets devoured.  The feeling of when my teeth first lock down and then slowly sink deeper and deeper is heaven.  I like to apply constant pressure when biting then slowly increase it almost till the skin is about to break. For me biting is not just the use of my teeth but my whole mouth.  I use my lips to form suction on the skin and apply that while my teeth are sinking in. It’s a really intense feeling like I’m sucking your energy right out of you.  And the best part of all, the marks I leave behind!

Sometimes I like to add insult to injury and pierce through my bite marks while they are still sensitive.

And don’t forget the lovely the bruises look when they form a day or so later.

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