Dubai was utterly amazing!  I had such a wonderful time and learned so much about middle eastern culture. I can’t wait to go back!

Here are some highlights:

Spent a lot of time on the beach. They were so beautiful and the water was so warm!

An antique blade my slave bought me.  Perfect for some knife play!

Thank you note from another slave I played with there.

Thank you goddess for the wonderful wonderful session last night! I have had around 15-20 sessions so far! This was not “one of the best” but “the best” session I has by a margin! Really enjoyed your spits! Felt so humiliated! Hope you enjoyed the session too!

You were too good in terms of judging my responses and adjusting your punishments accordingly!

You have got a really really heavy hand! I would say your faceslaps even though you were not hitting with full force were at least twice as hard as I have gotten from any mistress! I hope to increase my tolerance level for your faceslaps next time! -Sub DC

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