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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join my friend Alexandra Janelli of Theta Springs Hypnosis on her podcast The Mental Sherpa on Voice America.  We were also joined by another lovely woman, Breonna Rodriguez, who is a sex positive writer among other amazing things.

I had a great time talking with these ladies about kink and sharing my insights on both professional aspect as well as personal.  Have a listen here.

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In Case You Missed It

Back in February posted a a great interview with me that I tweeted about but just realized that I forgot to share it here also.

I met with the Jessica Pels who conducted the interview and wrote the piece at her office and then photographer, Kathryn Wirsing, came to my home to take some pics.  Both ladies were truly amazing and really cared about the integrity of the work which is truly refreshing since the media isn’t always kind to us.  I was really pleased with how it turned out so if you missed it you can check it out here.

Since I am a nice person and because the pictures came out really great I thought I would share with you some of the outtakes that didn’t make it into the article.

mona--7 edit

Not only do I love this picture because I’m putting on one of my favorite pairs of boots but also because it shows off one of the paintings in my home. The painting is actually a portrait of yours truly in an inverted rope suspension which was done for me by a very talented friend of mine, Anna P Sutton.

mona--10 edit

I adore this picture also for the same reason, the artwork in the background. This particular painting was done by Mistress Sade.  I remembered how I coveted it the first time I saw it in her home and finally years later when she was ready to part with it, I jumped at the change to own it.

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ATTENTION DENVER! Sessions and Workshop

I’m taking a little trip to Denver Colorado soon and will be available for limited sessions from May 21st to May 23rd only.  I am also pleased to announce that I will have the lovely Mistress Yhenna Tsi Yung of Los Angeles and Ms. Karin Sin of Denver available for double or triple sessions.

Ms. Karin is a 6′ glamazon well versed in many areas of play.  Check out her website to learn more.  Mistress Yhenna is a very close friend of mine who is as an amazing sensation player as I am and also a very skilled rope artist.  Even I can’t resist bottoming to her!

Opportunities like this don’t come around often so I suggest you book now so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Mistress Yhenna and I will also be teaching a Impact Play and Rope Intensive workshop together on Sat the 23rd from 1pm-4pm. If you are interesting attending or finding out more information, please visit the official invite.



Ms. Karin Sin


Mistress Yhenna Tsi Yung

Mistress Yhenna Tsi Yung

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I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend cause I sure as hell did. One of my plans consisted of attending the Paradise Garage reunion party and I danced my ass off for 6 hrs straight. The vibe was amazing.  They really don’t make parties like that anymore.

If you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I am a total audiophile.  I’m always posting songs that I am listening too or taking about what I played in session.  Music really does rule my life and also inspires me in so many different ways especially when I am playing.  I always choose what music to play either to create a certain mood or to enhance a specific activity.  For example, I really love flamenco for spanking or afro beats for corporal.  My clients often comment on my choice of music and how much they enjoyed my selections.  There have been many times that we have wound up bonding over a band or song which is not surprising since music really does have a way of bringing people together.

Sometimes when I am listening to music and I hear a certain lyric whether directly related to kink or not my mind automatically goes off in that direction.  I actually wrote a little poem on my way home from a session back when I worked at Rapture in 2008 while listening to Alice In Chains’ song “Heaven Beside You“.   Decided to share it with you, hope you enjoy.


I’m heaven beside you

While your hell burns within

Begging for relief

Sweat beads on your skin

You glisten before Me

And bask in My light

I’m goddess incarnate

The solution to your plight

With every snap of the cane

Every crack of the whip

Your sins are slowly purged

As each breathe escapes your lips

My voice is the water

That engulfs your mind

I speak to you softly

Each sentence divine

I grant you release

From the cage you’ve been kept.

The flames have been extinguished

By the tears your soul wept

You pledge Me your devotion

Indebted for your salvation

Born again by My hand

A most masterful creation

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Welcome To NYC

A playmate of mine from L.A. came to visit N.Y. for the first time and I decided to give him a proper welcoming.  You know cause I’m cool like that. Oh and my friend who shot me playing with Porky decided to come along for the fun too.





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A few months ago I took a trip out to London for the first time and  it was a great experience.  I was privileged enough to stay with an amazing submissive friend of mine who was quite the host.  We ate delicious food, had stimulating conversation and a bit of play.  He was also a good tour guide and took me to museums and the Botanical Garden.

While exploring some of the neighborhoods I came across a lingerie shop called What Katie Did.  It was cool because I didn’t even know they were based in London or that they had a shop.  They specialize in vintage style lingerie and I’ve been quite a fan of theirs for a while so obviously I had to buy something.  I settled on a pair of nylons which admittedly are my weakness. They are exquisite and I think they are now my  favorite pair I have ever owned.  I love the detail of the seam around the toes and the heel. They are almost like a cuban design but with out the black so you can still see my beautiful long toes.

I decided to share some picture of them so you can see why I adore them and let’s be honest, also to tease you.  I would love to own some of other pieces from What Katie Did and since my birthday is this sunday if you would like to send me a gift  I have some listed on my wish list.




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Playtime With Porky

A few months ago a friend of mine asked if she could shoot some pictures of me playing for a project she was working on for school.  The theme of the project was “Taboo”.  I invited her over to my home and allowed her to photograph me playing with my slave Porky.

Porky and I had our usual fun as she quietly observed and took some photos.  Afterwards we all hung out for awhile and chatted about the play and D/s relationships. She is vanilla and knew very little about kink or BDSM.  She was very surprised to learn how much fun play can be and that with proper communication and negotiation D/s relationships can be a very healthy and rewarding for both people involved.

I really enjoy getting to share moments like this with people who have not had any type of real exposure to the scene before.  The more understanding we can cultivate for our lifestyle the better and maybe even convert a few vanillas along the way.



  A little bit of fire play for his already tender nipples


Kicking back and enjoying a smoke with my heels securely dug into Porky’s behind after I gave him his 20 mins of paddling for his corporal conditioning


One of my favorite pin cusions








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Brand Spanking New

Welcome to my brand new, updated site.  I have been hard at work for the past few months getting it just right and  I am excited to share it with you.  Please keep in mind that as with all new technological advances there may be a few bugs and I am working on correcting them.

In the meantime, there is all new text for you to read and new pictures for you to feast your eyes upon, so get to it.  Learn it, love it, live it!

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I’ve only posted 1 blog entry so far this year and we are now about halfway through it but what can say other than 2013 has been a motherfucker so far. I don’t think I am alone in saying this because quite a few people I have spoken with have felt the same way.  After dealing with a physical injury at the beginning of the year which has dragged on for a bit, in addition to some pretty trying personal experiences, I am ready for a change of pace.

June has arrived and with that so have some other very positive things.  The book, Kisses To Kink, that I co-wrote with Domi Dollz has been released and we have received amazing feedback so far.  I’m still trying to find the words to describe how good it feels to finally have what we have worked so hard for over the past year put out in the world and be well received.

June also happens to be the month I was born and with my birthday coming up it has caused me to reflect on my life.  I’m sure anyone who has gone through a rough patch can wind up feeling a bit down for a while and when going through a period like that it can be hard to remember the good things and what we should be grateful for.  Looking back over even just the last few years I have to admit that I have had some pretty incredible experiences that I should not take for granted. I have lectured at Princeton about kink, co-wrote a book that I am very proud of, and been the subject of several amazing fine art projects in both photography and sculpture by very talented artist such as Natasha Gornik and Ted Lawson.  Also can’t forget my travels to beautiful places, performing scenes on stage and in videos for one of the dopest emcees in Brooklyn and dear friend of mine, I Am Many, and being able to share my knowledge of kink with a large variety of diverse people through Domi Dollz workshops.

I am not sharing all this to stroke my own ego but more as a way to celebrate and say thank you.  I highly doubt that I would have had all these incredible expreinces if it weren’t for my personal love for kink and what I do.  It has open up a world of opportunities that I never even dreamed of. From meeting really talented people to work with, to cultivating invaluable friendships, and sharing lots of fun and deeply touching moments with my favorite clients and slaves I feel inspired to say thank you to you all for making my life so wonderful.  So raise a your glasses and cheers cause this one is for you! xoxo

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