A few months ago I took a trip out to London for the first time and  it was a great experience.  I was privileged enough to stay with an amazing submissive friend of mine who was quite the host.  We ate delicious food, had stimulating conversation and a bit of play.  He was also a good tour guide and took me to museums and the Botanical Garden.

While exploring some of the neighborhoods I came across a lingerie shop called What Katie Did.  It was cool because I didn’t even know they were based in London or that they had a shop.  They specialize in vintage style lingerie and I’ve been quite a fan of theirs for a while so obviously I had to buy something.  I settled on a pair of nylons which admittedly are my weakness. They are exquisite and I think they are now my  favorite pair I have ever owned.  I love the detail of the seam around the toes and the heel. They are almost like a cuban design but with out the black so you can still see my beautiful long toes.

I decided to share some picture of them so you can see why I adore them and let’s be honest, also to tease you.  I would love to own some of other pieces from What Katie Did and since my birthday is this sunday if you would like to send me a gift  I have some listed on my wish list.




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