Q: You tweeted that You tried out a bunch of new implements on porkinator looking for feedback. That must have been a lot of fun for you. Was it? Do you do that kind of thing often?

A: I love to try out new toys! Sometimes I have as much fun with just testing equipment as I do in having an actual scene.  I think it is really important to know all the capabilities of any toys that one plays with.  Part of it is about safety,  I obviously want to be sure if it is something I haven’t played with before that I know how to use it properly to avoid and risk or injury to my bottom. Then the other part of it is that I want to be able to optimize the use of the toy.

Take impact implements for example, which is what I tested out on porky.  They can have incredible range and I like to see how the bottom reacts to them being used light to medium then to heavy.  Certain implements can also be “thrown” different ways and that can effect the sensation that the bottom feels also.

While testing toys I like to choose a bottom who I have played with often so I am already familiar with their responses.  I also prefer that the bottom is really into the type of play that the toys involves because I like to get honest feedback from them.   It helps me connect better with the implement when my bottom is able to communicate what the varying degrees feel like since I do see using toys as a direct extension of my physical self.  The final test I look to see and especially with impact implements is if they leave marks or at what intensity will they mark.  Now understandably everyone’s skin will respond different so I can only make a generalization when it comes time to use them on other individuals but it’s good to be aware of. Also being that everyone plays on different levels I don’t necessarily want to exclude the use of certain toys that maybe considered heavy if someone is on the lighter side,  I would rather see if there is a way that I can utilize it that works  in favor with the bottoms tolerance.

Unfortunately no I do not get to have this experience as often as I would like. I usually don’t get new toys very often.  I actually happen to spend long periods of time exploring the ones I do have and more often than not it is during this time that I discover multiple uses for them.  That excites me because I like to challenge myself and my creativity.  I also really like getting to try out toys that may be new to me when a bottom brings something from their own collection for us to play with.  This is also not just a pleasant surprise but I also tend to learn a great deal from them which is always an added bonus.

I also think that from a bottoms or submissive perspective that it can be a great honor for their top or Dominant to get to break in a new toy on them.  Usually when I receive new toys as a gift I make sure that whoever gifted them to me gets to have them used on them first.  Unfortunately the toys that I tested on porky were given to me by someone else who I had not had the opportunity to use on them yet but I know when I do get to see them that my knowledge of the toys and how they will be used to stimulate them will also be a great reward!

These are the toys I tested on porky.

If you would like to gift me some new toys that I can use on you please visit my wish list.

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A Good Beat(ing)

After a very gratifying session last week my client commented on my spanking abilities. He was very taken with the with this particular part of the scene and told me that I had amazing rhythm. He said that although he has been spanked may times before that this time he had felt something very different. The combination of the different sounds that my hands were making as they struck his backside and the distinctive rhythm that I kept throughout the spanking helped put him in a very meditative headspace.

I greatly appreciated the compliment and for him sharing his side of the experience with me. This particular scene happened to be on the lighter side of the spectrum but I have been able to share my excellent spanking skills on a more intense level with many spanking enthusiasts in the past.  I enjoy playing with the various ways one can spank a bottom, from a forceful upstroke of a french spank to a light tap of a back hand given in between heavy cupped palm slaps.  The subtle nuances really seem to add a whole new dimension to such an elementary activity.

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The Aftermath

Although I am into many forms of play, one of my favorites is corporal/impact. There are so many fun implements to use and different ways to play with their delivery and manipulate the sensation they provide.

I am also very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and play with some really amazing masochists.  But I have to admit sometimes I get disappointed over the fact that far too often I don’t get to see the beautiful marks that I leave behind.

During my scenes I marvel overs the lashings from my whip and the stripes from my cane but the true form of my art really forms hours later or the next day, the bruises and welts.

Those who know me well and wear mt art with pride send me “after” pics from time to time .  Here are some of my favorite.

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