A few months ago I took a trip out to London for the first time and  it was a great experience.  I was privileged enough to stay with an amazing submissive friend of mine who was quite the host.  We ate delicious food, had stimulating conversation and a bit of play.  He was also a good tour guide and took me to museums and the Botanical Garden.

While exploring some of the neighborhoods I came across a lingerie shop called What Katie Did.  It was cool because I didn’t even know they were based in London or that they had a shop.  They specialize in vintage style lingerie and I’ve been quite a fan of theirs for a while so obviously I had to buy something.  I settled on a pair of nylons which admittedly are my weakness. They are exquisite and I think they are now my  favorite pair I have ever owned.  I love the detail of the seam around the toes and the heel. They are almost like a cuban design but with out the black so you can still see my beautiful long toes.

I decided to share some picture of them so you can see why I adore them and let’s be honest, also to tease you.  I would love to own some of other pieces from What Katie Did and since my birthday is this sunday if you would like to send me a gift  I have some listed on my wish list.




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My Love for Fetishits

Last week I had a really great session with a foot fetishist.  We had been corresponding for a while before he booked with me and it was his first time so he wanted to make sure that he was making the right choice in who to see.  This may annoy some Dommes but I actually admirer when client does research before they come to see me.  It shows that they put as much thought into their sessions as I do.

He was a little nervous when he first arrived and slightly unsure of himself as he had never been in this situation before.  I had him get comfortable and began to tease him with my feet. I rubbed my stockinged legs across his body and face so he could feel their soft texture. I stood above him and rested each foot on his face and told him to take in their smell.  I could tell he wanted to touch and taste them so badly but I told him he wasn’t ready just yet and that he had to learn to take his time and appreciate them first.

When I finally allowed him to start worshiping my feet, I found that he needed very little direction or instruction.  He was a natural!  I watched carefully over him as he kissed and caressed them. I noticed how his excitement went from sheer joy to an attentive trance.

Whether you fetish is latex. leather, feet, shoes or boots, and so on I am always utterly fascinated and entertained by witnessing your act of worship. The manner in which you savor every moment delights me to no end. It is an honor to be able to be the person you get to share your fetish with.

I would also like to announce for all my boot fetishists that I will be doing a shoot for this coming Tuesday and will keep let you know when the issue is out.

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