My Thoughts on Cross-Dressing

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of session requests for cross-dressing so I think it appropriate to share my thoughts on the subject. In the beginning of my professional career I did my fair share of cross-dressing session.  Everything ranging from just putting subs in lingerie to full transformation. During this time I met a lot of subs who identified with this type of scene in different ways.  Some thought it was humiliating, some liked it because they wanted to be treated like sluts, some because they had certain fetishes for women’s clothing, and some who truly wanted to explore their feminine side. I also considered this an exploratory period for myself too.  I hadn’t really had too much exposure to this aspect of BDSM prior in my personal life and I am definitely the type of person who will try almost anything once, or twice, or ten times.

Now that time has passed and I have gained a great deal of experience in this area, I seem to be getting more particular in my tastes for cross-dressing. I have narrowed my interestes down to two areas: fetishists and full transformation.  These two aspect interest me the most for a couple of reasons.

As you may already know I am also a fetishist for certain pieces of the female wardrobe, corsets and stockings for example, so I can relate to a sub wanting to experience the feel of silky panties or luxurious hosiery.  I am also very thrilled when they come to me in session already wearing them under their clothes and even more so when they put them back on when they leave. I also take note of how when in session they often touch these garments or try to catch glimpses of the themselves in the mirrors.  There is nothing more exciting to me then watching a fetishist in their element.

Now when it comes to full transformation, there are so many aspect to really get involved with.  I also see it as a type of challenge and the main goal is to turn a man into a being that acts and resembles a woman as closely as humanly possible.  I begin by assessing their body type and deciding what types of lines in the clothing will be necessary to attain a feminine figure. Proper undergarments and the possible addition of prosthetics is also key.  Next I would move onto hair and make up.  It is important to choose a wig that is flattering both in hair color and in cut, after all not everyone can pull off  long blonde hair. The makeup application is obviously the most time consuming and the part that I may very well enjoy the most.  By adding contours and highlights the shape of the face begins to change and there is no end to miracle of false eyelashes.  After everything is complete I take a step back and marvel over my creation which always gives me great satisfaction.  Finally I would have to say that the most interesting part of this experience for me is watching the subs body language and mannerisms change with help from the make over and etiquette training they have received from me.

When it comes to cross-dressing as a form or humiliation or for a sub to be treated like a slut I respect it but do not personally enjoy it. I have actually come to find it personally offensive.  I myself, of course being a female, see no need to put someone in fabulous fabrics just to make fun of them or to put a wig on them so they can act like a whore.  If you want to be treated like a whore or humiliated trust me I am more than capable of doing so while you are in male mode. Therefore I no longer offer those types of cross-dressing sessions.



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Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday is upon us and why is it my favorite you ask?  I love costumes and getting the chance to be someone completely different.  Even though I get to dress up super sexy on a regular basis and when it comes to roleplays I’m a master, Halloween for me is a whole other level.

I always try to come up with original costumes and this year I decided to go with a theme that I have been toying around with for a while. Androgyny!  I love the mix of masculine and feminine, soft and hard lines.  There are so many options to explore with gender-bending and I put together the perfect costume for a performance earlier this month and it was so hot that I decided to wear it for Halloween.

So if you happen to see me out and about this weekend remember to address me properly.  That’s Mr. Mona Rogers to you!

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