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Back in February posted a a great interview with me that I tweeted about but just realized that I forgot to share it here also.

I met with the Jessica Pels who conducted the interview and wrote the piece at her office and then photographer, Kathryn Wirsing, came to my home to take some pics.  Both ladies were truly amazing and really cared about the integrity of the work which is truly refreshing since the media isn’t always kind to us.  I was really pleased with how it turned out so if you missed it you can check it out here.

Since I am a nice person and because the pictures came out really great I thought I would share with you some of the outtakes that didn’t make it into the article.

mona--7 edit

Not only do I love this picture because I’m putting on one of my favorite pairs of boots but also because it shows off one of the paintings in my home. The painting is actually a portrait of yours truly in an inverted rope suspension which was done for me by a very talented friend of mine, Anna P Sutton.

mona--10 edit

I adore this picture also for the same reason, the artwork in the background. This particular painting was done by Mistress Sade.  I remembered how I coveted it the first time I saw it in her home and finally years later when she was ready to part with it, I jumped at the change to own it.

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I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend cause I sure as hell did. One of my plans consisted of attending the Paradise Garage reunion party and I danced my ass off for 6 hrs straight. The vibe was amazing.  They really don’t make parties like that anymore.

If you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I am a total audiophile.  I’m always posting songs that I am listening too or taking about what I played in session.  Music really does rule my life and also inspires me in so many different ways especially when I am playing.  I always choose what music to play either to create a certain mood or to enhance a specific activity.  For example, I really love flamenco for spanking or afro beats for corporal.  My clients often comment on my choice of music and how much they enjoyed my selections.  There have been many times that we have wound up bonding over a band or song which is not surprising since music really does have a way of bringing people together.

Sometimes when I am listening to music and I hear a certain lyric whether directly related to kink or not my mind automatically goes off in that direction.  I actually wrote a little poem on my way home from a session back when I worked at Rapture in 2008 while listening to Alice In Chains’ song “Heaven Beside You“.   Decided to share it with you, hope you enjoy.


I’m heaven beside you

While your hell burns within

Begging for relief

Sweat beads on your skin

You glisten before Me

And bask in My light

I’m goddess incarnate

The solution to your plight

With every snap of the cane

Every crack of the whip

Your sins are slowly purged

As each breathe escapes your lips

My voice is the water

That engulfs your mind

I speak to you softly

Each sentence divine

I grant you release

From the cage you’ve been kept.

The flames have been extinguished

By the tears your soul wept

You pledge Me your devotion

Indebted for your salvation

Born again by My hand

A most masterful creation

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Help Support My Passion

So I know I’ve been a bad Mistress and haven’t updated my blog in forever which happens from time to time as you may notice.  Part of the reason that I have neglected it is because I’ve been doing a lot of writing else where. As some of you who follow me may know, I work with a company called Domi Dollz. Domi Dollz is a collective of sex positive and kink friendly individuals who’s goal is to empower, entertain, and educate the public about kink.  We happen to be writing our first book so that is where most of my spare time has been going.

Working with Domi Dollz is very important to me for so many different reasons.   The main reason is that I am very passionate about spreading a positive message about kink. There are so many misconceptions and negative media attention in regard to our community simply because of a lack of understanding. Yes, it can be an intimidating topic to approach for someone who is just starting out. However I firmly believe that the right first introduction makes all the difference and this is why Domi Dollz does what we do.

When I first started really exploring BDSM I didn’t know anyone who was lifestyle or really where to turn.  I found my way into the pro scene not with the intention of being a pro Domme but really just to learn and experience.  It was something that I needed in my life.  BDSM has given me an outlet, an understanding, and an acceptance of my true self that I do not think I could have gotten anywhere else and to be able to share even just a small piece of that possibility with someone else is an amazing feeling.  The feedback that I get from people who attend our events is always so heartwarming and serves as a constant reminder of why I have chosen this path for myself.

I’m sharing all of this with you because we are coming close to finishing the book and need to raise money to help get it out to the public.  If you are able to make a donation or help spread the word that would really mean the world to me and hopefully help me have more free time so I can write more of random blogs for you guys to read! Click on the link below to find out more details.

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Mortality Is A Myth

A couple of months ago I modeled for a sculpture my friend, Ted Lawson, wanted to make for his first solo art show.  He wanted to cast my full body which was a very long process and took almost two full days of work.  I was covered in Vaseline, coated in layers of silicone, then the silicone was covered in plaster bandages to harden it and then the molds were removed.

On the first day we did my entire back, then the front of my torso and finally my face. The second day was my limbs.  It was intense!  The silicone actually felt really good on my skin and the heat from the plaster curing was also nice but holy shit did it hurt when the molds were removed from my body.  Imagine having one huge bandage that covers your entire back and then having it ripped off in one piece.  Having my face molded was the most interesting part. We actually had to do it twice since I freaked out on the first try.  I was not sure how I would react since I had never experienced that type of sensation before.  I was sitting in the chair with my head  propped against the wall  when he began to paint the layers of silicone onto my face.  I had my eyes closed and my mouth parted slightly. I also needed to be mindful of the expression on my face since he was going for a particular feel for the sculpture.  As the silicone began to drip down my face and my airways became covered I had to blow out through my nose to keep them clear.  In between my labored breathing there were a few seconds that I was not able to breath and this went on for about 3 minutes before the straws were placed in my nose.  Needless to say I was not prepared for that and it was hard for me to regulate my breathing and I began to feel like I was suffocating.  My mouth was also watering because it was slightly parted and it was difficult to swallow so my mouth kept wanting to spring open and gasp for air.  Before he was able to paint the finally layers of silicone on I had to tap out and he removed it.  After I took a few minutes to calm down and process the situation I realized that the straws needed to be put in my nose from the beginning so I could regulate my breathing properly and that my mouth should be closed so I could swallow and not worry about it affecting the integrity of the mold.  Needless to say that did the trick and the second try was a breeze.  It was actually very meditative.

I had spoken to a friend of mine later that night and she laughed at the story and told me I’m always doing crazy shit.  I took a minute to really think about what she had said and you know what she was right but how could I pass up something as interesting as this.  I knew it was going to be a crazy sensory experience.  It was depriving, immobilizing, painful, and exhausting but so worth it!  Sometimes we all need intense moments like that to know we are still alive.

Here are pics of the the finished sculpture titled “Mortality Is A Myth”.



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More Black with I AM MANY

Some of you who know me personally or follow me on a regular basis via twitter or my facebook know about my love for hip hop.  My friend I AM MANY, who has been a staple in the NY underground hip hop scene for many years, approached me a couple of months back to do a fetish themed video with him and I jumped at the chance.  Unlike Rihanna’s fluff of a video for the song S&M (which is basically pop crap anyways) he wanted to create something with actual substance.  Even though Many is an emcee he has many different musical interests and had spent time in goth and fetish clubs some years ago and wanted to speak on his experiences.

Working out the details for my part of the shoot and his performance scenes that we shot in The Parthenon was amazing fun.  Having my “vanilla” friends, who have never got to witness a full on scene before, be there while I was playing and actually film it was a dope experience to share.  Also it’s not everyday that I get to run around the dungeon suspending my friends from various equipment or putting hoods on them!

So far the feedback for the video has been really good.  I was sent the first ruff edit of the video and discussed with Many about how it might be perceived since the hip hop crowd can be pretty hard to please.  It was a difficult process of trying to decide what footage was to be used and what may be a little over the top since we didn’t want to turn people off really. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help him out with these decisions as much as I would have like since I am both a hip hop head and have been into fetish for such a long time that my “shock” levels have been pretty tempered so it was hard for me to understand how some people can be so sensitive.  I really applaud him for this project and for taking hip hop somewhere that it has never really been before especially since the hip hop scene has become so watered down an uninspired.

Hope you enjoy!


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Eye Candy

I’ve been very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and I always receive a ton of compliments on my pictures.  In the next couple of months I had a few projects lined up that I can’t wait to share with all of my admirers.

But until that time comes, here’s a little taste of some of the more fabulous images you can be expecting from me! My dear friend Rick Seefried and I got together some months back to make this magic.  Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday is upon us and why is it my favorite you ask?  I love costumes and getting the chance to be someone completely different.  Even though I get to dress up super sexy on a regular basis and when it comes to roleplays I’m a master, Halloween for me is a whole other level.

I always try to come up with original costumes and this year I decided to go with a theme that I have been toying around with for a while. Androgyny!  I love the mix of masculine and feminine, soft and hard lines.  There are so many options to explore with gender-bending and I put together the perfect costume for a performance earlier this month and it was so hot that I decided to wear it for Halloween.

So if you happen to see me out and about this weekend remember to address me properly.  That’s Mr. Mona Rogers to you!

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