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Chastity Assignment

I recently put a new slave in chastity and have been giving him little homework assignments to torment him with.

Knowing that he has a weakness for the beauties of the Victoria Secrets catalog, I instructed him to pick three pictures and to write a brief summary of what he was fantasizing about while he was looking at the them.  I was so pleased with the outcome that I decided to share them.  I truly love a slave with a great imagination and they were so well written!

Victoria’s Secret Fantasies

Page 7 – Adriana:

Adriana seduced me into chastity a long time ago, after she got tired of me staring at her.  It was extremely easy for her. Immediately after clicking the lock shut, she dropped her feigned interest in me and has been nothing but a cold-hearted bitch since.  I kneel before her, staring up at her perfect breasts and glimmering lips and beg her for release.  She rolls her eyes and denies me once again.


She has no intention of ever releasing me.  She put me in chastity so I would stop bothering her and releasing me would seem counter-beneficial.  The fact that it causes me to suffer is an added bonus and the only reason Adriana lets me beg at her feet for release each week is so she can witness it.  It’s been 5 months without any freedom, not that Adriana’s been counting.  She really couldn’t care less about my predicament.  It’s too bad that I do.


Page 45 – Alessandra:

Alessandra is a high-class escort who, for a fee, will seduce any man her client requests and get him locked in chastity. I am her next target.  She arranged a “chance” encounter with me at a bar, seduced me and got me to invite her back to my hotel room. Now, having handcuffed me spread-eagle to the bed with a promise of kinky sex, her job is simple to complete. She looks at herself in the mirror reflecting on her latest work with pride. “Poor loser. I’m about to have him locked up and I didn’t even need to kiss him.”


She never asks why her client wants the target locked in chastity or what they plan to do with him once she hands over the keys.  All she says when I beg her to let me out is “Sorry babe. I just get you secured.  You’ll have to take up the rest with your new keyholder.”  And with that she blows a kiss and walks out, leaving me locked up and still handcuffed to the bed.


Page 99 – Woman in Leather Boots & Skirt on cell phone:

On her lunch break from the office, she calls to check in on me.  The answering machine picks up and she speaks, knowing I can hear it: “Hi there sweetie. Just calling to see how you’re doing.  Not surprised you didn’t pick up, the straps holding you to that chair were pretty thick and the locking penis gag would have made it hard to talk anyway.  Well, assuming you haven’t been able to escape yet, I just wanted to let you know that I set the electrodes on your cock to increase in voltage every 15 minutes starting at 1pm.  Oh, and also I just got called into an end-of-day meeting so I’ll probably be home and hour or 2 late.  Hopefully the lube on the fuck-machine pounding your ass will last long enough.  Ok! Gotta Go!  Bye sweetie!”

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More Travel Announcements!

So yes I’m going on vacation again.  What can I say, I’m a spoiled bitch!

I will be in Thailand from the 10th till the 20th and will only be reachable by email during this time.

Then I will be in LA and available for sessions starting the 22nd till possibly the end of the month. If you would like to book a session with me while I am in LA please send me an email and I will get back to you asap.  I’m only taking limited appointments so booking in advance is advised.

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“Mistress, What Sharp Teeth You Have!”

All the better to torture you with my dear!

I really enjoy being able to cause pain (or pleasure depending on how you look at it) with my god-given gifts, such as my heavy hands or especially my sharp teeth . Biting really excites me because there’s a very primal feel to it.  I’m like an animal subduing it’s prey before it gets devoured.  The feeling of when my teeth first lock down and then slowly sink deeper and deeper is heaven.  I like to apply constant pressure when biting then slowly increase it almost till the skin is about to break. For me biting is not just the use of my teeth but my whole mouth.  I use my lips to form suction on the skin and apply that while my teeth are sinking in. It’s a really intense feeling like I’m sucking your energy right out of you.  And the best part of all, the marks I leave behind!

Sometimes I like to add insult to injury and pierce through my bite marks while they are still sensitive.

And don’t forget the lovely the bruises look when they form a day or so later.

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Dubai was utterly amazing!  I had such a wonderful time and learned so much about middle eastern culture. I can’t wait to go back!

Here are some highlights:

Spent a lot of time on the beach. They were so beautiful and the water was so warm!

An antique blade my slave bought me.  Perfect for some knife play!

Thank you note from another slave I played with there.

Thank you goddess for the wonderful wonderful session last night! I have had around 15-20 sessions so far! This was not “one of the best” but “the best” session I has by a margin! Really enjoyed your spits! Felt so humiliated! Hope you enjoyed the session too!

You were too good in terms of judging my responses and adjusting your punishments accordingly!

You have got a really really heavy hand! I would say your faceslaps even though you were not hitting with full force were at least twice as hard as I have gotten from any mistress! I hope to increase my tolerance level for your faceslaps next time! -Sub DC

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An Eye for An Eye

I was recently on a Nite Flirt call where the sub was confessing to me his dirty habits.  One of his infractions was that he often takes pictures of women in public without their knowledge to masturbate to.  I decided that the appropriate punishment for this woud be for him to send me a picture of his cock so that I can post it here and humiliate him for his wrong doing.

Yes this is his cock for the world to see. Now he knows what it feels like to have his privacy violated.

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Musings from Miami

I had an amazing and much needed trip to Miami last week.  The weather was beautiful, the sessions were so much fun, and I got a chance to catch up on some much needed relaxation.

Overall it was an amazing time but there was one slight drawback.

I was invited on this trip to accompany one of my colleagues who’s client had arranged the trip for her.  She had informed me of their arrangement and it was a crystal clear agreement that what he wanted was to spend time with her and wait on her hand and foot. He wanted to get a taste of what it was like to be her slave for a more extended period of time.

He picked us up from the airport and got us settled into our hotel and took us for dinner. They played a little bit then we all spent the evening chatting and getting to know one another better.  The following day we had some sessions booked so we were pretty busy in the afternoon but when we finished up we then enjoyed another evening of dinner and play. The next morning we decided to hit the beach and invited him along but he declined stating that he had slept horribly the night before (guess he wasn’t used to his chastity device yet) and he would call us later.  Upon retuning from a relaxing afternoon of fun in the sun we were informed again by him that he had some things to take care of later on and that he would call us in the morning.  He seemed a bit down and we asked if everything was ok and he just shrugged the question off again saying that he would just contact us in the morning.

The following morning we were awoken by him informing us that he would be checking us out of our suite a day early because he changed his mind and was unhappy with the situation and realized he was not a “slave” after all.  Not only was this very sudden and unexpected but he has also left us very little time to get ourselves together. He reluctantly offered to take us to another hotel but we declined as we thought it would be better to part ways as soon as possible and made our own accommodations.

While we were packing we began to discuss the situation.  We were blown away by his rude behavior and his unwillingness to sit and talk about what he was feeling and his less than gentleman-like conduct.  My colleague spent quite a while with him on the phone trying to speak to him about the situation but he was very dismissive towards her.

The moral of this story is that at the end of the day we are Mistresses not mind readers. There is a time, place , and a respectful way to approach any Mistress if you feel that you are not connecting with a situation.  Some people are very hard to read and we do appreciate input in a constructive manner.  But please also be aware that if you do not feel that you are getting what you want out of a situation the fault does not fall entirely on our shoulders.  You will get back as much as you give and if you enter a situation expecting more than what was promised to you or if you have unrealistic expectations you will be disappointed to no one’s fault but your own.  Communication and respect are key and for any situation to work you must return the favor.

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Judge, Jury, and Executioner

There are a lot of difficult things about being a Mistress.  Punishment just happens to be on the top of my personal list.  I honestly really hate having to do it.  First off, the fact that I have to punish you in the first place means you did not follow orders or you displeased me in some way.  That is never a good thing. I do not consider myself hard to serve. In fact I am very self sufficient and and ask for very little.  That is why it is so important to me for my subs to follow and order I give them because they are so few and far between.

I will admit that when it comes to the lifestyle aspect of my life that I am very big on protocol but I aways keep it simple and give clear instructions of what I want.  Most of what I do ask as far as protocol goes is simple gestures that demonstrate your respect for me as a Mistress.  I am also very fair.  If a submissive has not been taught the proper way in which to serve me they will be informed and given a correction and if they do not take note then a punishment is in order.

A lot of though goes into my punishments.  They are not always a physical act.  Sometimes you wil be denied of something that you cherish like my time and attention or sometimes they will be a written assignment.  Especially when I’m dealing with a masochist I would never use corporal to punish them because I never punish by rewarding. I am also a big advocate of punishing on the spot.  I want the infraction to be fresh in your mind while you receiving your punishment.  I feels this is more effective and really drives the point home.

Although I am a sadist and enjoy inflicting both physical and to a certain extent emotional discomfort, I actually derive no please from administering a punishment.  I really feel that is an unfortunate but ultimately necessary situation.

There is only one exception.  I do enjoy punishment when someone comes to confess to me.  They have done something wrong but have not wronged me personally.  This type of scenario really excites me.  Maybe it was a situation where they have wronged a significant other, or messed up at work, or did something that they know they shouldn’t be doing and they come to me to pay the price.

They tell me their story and I get to decide what they deserve.  They receive their punishment and at the end I feel that some justice has been served.

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My Love for Fetishits

Last week I had a really great session with a foot fetishist.  We had been corresponding for a while before he booked with me and it was his first time so he wanted to make sure that he was making the right choice in who to see.  This may annoy some Dommes but I actually admirer when client does research before they come to see me.  It shows that they put as much thought into their sessions as I do.

He was a little nervous when he first arrived and slightly unsure of himself as he had never been in this situation before.  I had him get comfortable and began to tease him with my feet. I rubbed my stockinged legs across his body and face so he could feel their soft texture. I stood above him and rested each foot on his face and told him to take in their smell.  I could tell he wanted to touch and taste them so badly but I told him he wasn’t ready just yet and that he had to learn to take his time and appreciate them first.

When I finally allowed him to start worshiping my feet, I found that he needed very little direction or instruction.  He was a natural!  I watched carefully over him as he kissed and caressed them. I noticed how his excitement went from sheer joy to an attentive trance.

Whether you fetish is latex. leather, feet, shoes or boots, and so on I am always utterly fascinated and entertained by witnessing your act of worship. The manner in which you savor every moment delights me to no end. It is an honor to be able to be the person you get to share your fetish with.

I would also like to announce for all my boot fetishists that I will be doing a shoot for this coming Tuesday and will keep let you know when the issue is out.

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