About Me

When thinking about the type of Dominatrice you would like to serve, what comes to mind?

You will find all that you have been seeking at my feet. I am a confident Dominant whose appetite for control over your pleasure and pain is insatiable. My masterful skills for creating perpetual sensations to ravage your body and mind are exceptional. With intellect and wit as sharp as my claws, you will be rendered defenseless. Your surrender to me will be effortless due to your inability to resist the overwhelming power  I command. In return you will be nothing less than grateful for your ruin and my attention.

My expertise comes from both practice and experience.  Kink has been a part of my life long before I began my professional pursuits in 2007.  I don’t mind sharing that I have spent some time on the other side of the whip. I use this first-hand knowledge that I have gained to be able to push your boundaries while still knowing how to respect your limits. The benefits we cultivate through steady play are vast and you will feel my strong and guiding hand every step of the way.


Electro Play

What are you looking to discover?

Through my practice I have fostered a creative outlet for my Dominance and my sadistic tendencies. My style is genuine and not an act.  It is in the moment and organic. It is intuitive and perceptive and adjusts to what is called for at any given occasion.  I am an accomplished and trustworthy player who will treat you with the same respect that I command for myself.

Our time together will be an interpretation of your fantasies and desires through my design and control.  You will live it. You will love it. You will beg for more.

Still hungry to learn more about me? Have a listen to my interviews on Masocast. They can be found here and here.